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 Loki Roseblood
Loki Roseblood
 Posted: Dec 27 2011, 04:16 AM
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Scholars of Kateria

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    name: Loki Lorien Roseblood
    nicknames: Is often called "The Green Eyed Witch" by locals
    age: Twenty-Seven
    gender: Male
    profession:  Apprentice to a Professor at the Mages College/Avid Wanderer
    race: Light Elf
    faction: Scholars of Kateria (Alumni)
    birthplace:  Whitewood, Lyrah
    residence: Rutela, Lyrah, but can often be found elsewhere
    play by: Tom Hiddleston
    distinguishing marks: A scar underneath behind his left ear that travels down his back
    appearance: Loki is a mix of his light elf mother, and his Katerian father. His mother's genes are most prominent. Loki's skin is pale white as if he were a vampire, and his body has never seen sunlight. Growing up in Whitewood did that to him. No color ever seems to reach the young elf's cheeks. His height can be labeled at a smart 6 foot, and his weight at a mere 170 pounds. His height is the result for the most of his weight. He is lanky, with very little muscle on him. Loki's ears are slightly pointed, but not enough to make a fuss about. His eyes change color, ranging from a dark, emerald green, to a clear, innocent aqua, depending on his mood.

    His father's genes can be see elsewhere in him. His hair is long and black as pitch. His eyes are cold and calculating. When Loki smiles, the grin never seems to reach those eyes. 

    Loki's style belongs to him and him alone. He often wears dark clothing and cloaks, often speckled with hints of green. He wears black gloves when out and about. It can be told by his attire that the Rosebloods were a rich family, as the fabric of his clothing is beautifully crafted. Nothing is a hand-me-down.
    ~Smooth on his Feet
    ~Easily Angered
    ~Unsure of Himself
    ~Loosing his mind
    ~Never finding love
    Loki is not your everyday Light Elf. When people think of such elves, the words 'happy' and 'cheerful' come to mind. Loki is anything but. He was named after the God of Mischief for a reason. Loki is deceitful. He loves to play little games on his friends and family. Most can easily get over Loki's love of lies and trickery easily. Many Mages are like that. They then see a kind, sad child, who is unhappy with his life. They see a boy who wants to be somebody. Loki is always kind and polite. He is a gentlemen. Many women find him intriguing, though he has never shown interest in any. His actions can come off as seductive and manipulative. But if you get that far into Loki as a friend, you are soon to see something you don't like.

    That's when people begin to notice the danger of Loki's condition. Loki's quiet, and the quiet ones are always the ones to look out for. He has a liking for power. For a way to get somewhere. To win. It's a dangerous thing, this want for power. It swells inside Loki, growing in him. He wants to win, he wants to lead. He wants to be somebody. Somebody powerful.

    For many, Loki is what is name suggests. A trickster. Just a trickster. His games never mean to hurt anyone. He is kind, polite and sweet. But for those who know Loki, they know that he is dangerous. Something scary is growing inside him. Something that Loki may not even be aware of.
    mother: Farrabelle Roseblood, Midwife, Dead 
    father: Zephyron Roseblood, Bookbinder, Dead
    siblings: Veritas Roseblood, Nomad, Alive
    Caius Roseblood, Blacksmith, Alive
    history: Loki was the first son of Farrabelle and Zephyron Roseblood. Farra, was a light elf. Zephyr was a Katerian. Their relationship was not common, but not unheard of. It was obvious from the few days after birth, that Loki was a Light Elf, after his mother. He was always a happy child, always playing and being mischievous, just like all little children are. Loki was four when his brother was born, Caius, who was more human than Light Elf. Loki was seven, when his sister was born. Veritas was an exact split down the middle. The children were happy, growing up in Whitewood. They were always smiling.

    That was, until their Mother was taken by disease. Her temperature fluctuated for nights on end, until one wintery morning, the disease took her. The children were distraught. Their Father was horrified. The next few years, the children grew up in silence. There was no more fun, and no more laughter. Veritas made the meals. Their Father never spoke. One morning, Caius found him faced own in the pillow. Nature had finally called him back to his soulmate, Farra.

    It was Loki's job to raise his brother and sister now. Money wasn't the problem. The Rosebloods had been rich. But be was merely fourteen, still young and rambunctious. But as years passed, Loki's rambunctious phase faded. The boy hardened. He got cold, and temperamental. Everything was wrong in his eyes. He wanted to get away from his responsibilities. For six years, he took care of his siblings. But when Loki hit twenty, he left for college. The Mage's college, to become a Thaumaturge. An Ice Mage, to match the snow in Whitewood. And he never left.

    Loki studied for five long years. And when he was to graduate, Loki stayed. He wanted I become a Professor. He loved the books, the knowledge, and the unknown. He became an apprentice, preparing himself to teach others.  And that's where he resides now. However, Loki wonders if he will ever manage to become a Professor. He is getting bored with being an Apprentice. He spends most of his time outside, learning about the world around him. Sometimes, he leaves the college and his duties for weeks to explore. He gets reprimanded, but he is always welcomed back. Why? Because everyone sees that spark in Loki's eyes. That spark of power and knowledge. Power and knowledge that Loki doesn't even know of.
    class: Mage: Thaumaturge
    inventory: Loki carries a golden staff that his brother forged. The staff channels his abilities out, making them stronger. It almost  insures that nothing will go wrong with his spells. Without his staff, Loki's spells are feeble. Loki also carries a small, silver dagger up his sleeve. Of course, it's only for emergency purposes...right?

  • Freeze: A self explanatory spell. It can turn almost anything into ice. Freeze works best on humanoid creatures. The farther something differs from that, the harder it is to 'freeze'. For example: A vampire is easier to freeze than lion. Freeze wears off after an hour or two. (Nearer to two than one) It can also be removed by the Thaumaturge who conjured it.
  • Blizzard: Blizzard's a tricky spell. It's also pretty self-explanatory. It causes a blizzard. The blizzard encases its victim, causing the person/thing to be lost in a sea of snow. The blizzard cannot be penetrated by sword, arrow, or any type of weapon. The blizzard lasts only for a few mere moments, just enough time for the attacker to get away. After the blizzard dies away, the attacker is always said to have vanished. It's a great way to escape a battle, and also, a stylish exit to any meeting. Blizzard takes much energy and cannot be used continually, as Freeze can. Loki cannot conjure Blizzard without his staff.
    name: Arianna, but I go by Ari
    time zone: Central GMT
    how did you find us?: I was snooping 'around the Internet smile.gif
    roleplaying sample:
    Luka sat in the back of the Hermes Cabin, with his head against the wall. And he was trying desperately not to breathe.

    It probably seemed stupid to everyone else to try such a thing. But with the weather changing drasticly from oh-so-happy fall, to freeze-your-ass-off winter, no one needed or wanted Luka around. Luka radiated cold. His breath on a normal day was breezy and cool. But today, with the snow falling heavily and the wind threatening to tear down the cabins, Luka's breath was far from cool and relaxing. Everytime he exhaled, whatever was nearest to him frosted over. After having gotten a few looks from some of his cabinmates, Luka tried his hardest not to breathe. But of course, he was still alive. So obviously, his plan wasn't working. Luka placed his arms on his knees, trying to become as small as possible. But it didn't help. He was a walking freezer. In the summer, he was a great accessory to the Hermes Cabin. But in the dead of winter, Luka was coinsidered a nusiance. Not that Luka cared what anyone thought about him.

    The son of Khione began to entertain himself by watching the door open and close. Everytime someone entered or exited the cabin, flurries crossed over the threshold. A grim grin crossed Luka's face as he watched the other Hermes Cabin inhabitants shiver at each opening. The cold rush of air didn't bother Luka. He always felt fine in cold weather such as this. Another curse that old Khione had cast upon him. Luka sighed and stood up, running a hand through his dark hair. A son of Hermes himself looked up at him. "Where you going?" he asked, a suspicious look in his eyes. A sly smile touched Luka's lips. A Hermes child looking suspicious? It didn't fit the memo Luka had recieved when he learned about Gods and their children. When with Hermes children, you were always supposed to check your own pockets. Having one look at you like they suspected something...Luka was touched. His reply was cool and cut clean.

    "Out." he replied smoothly. "Obviously, I'm one of the few at camp who enjoys this cold weather." Luka smiled at the Hermes child, but the smile did not reach his emerald eyes. He then strode out of the Cabin. His comment was, of course, a lie. But it was a lie in two different ways. Luka wasn't the only one at camp who liked the cold weather. As he stepped acorss the threshold, he caught sight of young (or possibly, old) Hebe children, having the time of their lives in the snow. They always behaved like toddlers, the Hebe children. They reacted to the snow as if they were newborn babes, having seen the white fluffy stuff for the first time. They rolled in the stuff, threw snowballs, and made snowmen. They enjoyed the weather. They enjoyed it far more than Luka ever would, which leads up to the second lie. Luka couldn't stand this cold weather. Many would think, that for a son of Khione, this was his favorite part of the year. But alas, Luka couldn't stand the wind and the ice and the snow. For not liking being a demi-god and just wanting to be normal, this weather was like a smack in the face. He knew what his Mother wanted. She wanted him to enjoy the weather, and even perhaps, be apart of its creation. More snow. More ice. 

    Luka smirked at the thought. There wasn't even a slight chance he was going to let that happen. Luka shook his head and strode through the camp, not exactly sure where he was going. He found it funny. Everyone was clad in thick jackets and scarfs. He wore a thin dark green turtleneck, black jeans, and black converse. He watched as one camper walked toward him. She was clad in thick furs, and Luka automaticly recognized her. "Veris." he acknowleged her with a nod.

    The Hunter nodded back, smiling. She was holding something behind her back. Luka raised an eyebrow, and the Hunter sighed. From her back, she pulled out a snowball. "Wanna play?" she asked sincerely, a quiet excitement glowing in her eyes."I'd rather not." was Luka's reply. He moved past her. Veris shrugged and went to throw snowballs with the Hebe children. Luka sighed. Veris was new to the whole "holiday thing". Obviously, she was trying to learn fast, before the season ended. She looked like she was having a good time, but Luka refused to join her. He did not want to enjoy himself. He did not want to have fun with his Mother's creation. Snow. God damn snow. Fluffy shitty stuff that fell from the sky, shitty little-

    That's when a snowball collided with the side of Luka's face. It clung there for a moment, before Luka roboticly wiped it from his face. His emerald eyes glowed as he turned to face his attacker. Veris stood there, raising an almost innocent eyebrow at him. However, the devious look in her eyes gave her away. "Stop being such a dick, Rose. Stop self-pitying yourself, and join in some damn fun, or so help me-"

    But Veris didn't get to finish her threat. The wind picked up, and became harsh. The snow fell faster, and something inside Luka shattered. "Self-pitier? Dear God, Black," and Luka strode toward the Hunter, who still had a smug little look on her face. " Don't you try to make me angry, just because I won't play a little game with you. You don't know anything! You don't understand anything! Just leave me alone, okay? Just leave me be!" And suddenly, Veris was on her back, a gust of icy wind having pushed her down. She sat up, leaning on her elbows. Luka waited for her apology, but all that came out was, "You'll never learn how to control your powers if you can't even control your temper."

    Luka froze. "Shit." he murmured, knowing exactly what she ment. They had played this game before. He forced himself to look down at his hands. They were blue. Dark blue, as if he had used dye instead of lotion on his hands. (Which he didn't put past the Hermes kids to change for him.) He inhaled sharply. "Shit." he repeated. "This isn't the time for this, Veris!" he moaned.

    Veris just kept staring at him. "You must learn to control your temper." she stated again. "Everytime you use your powers, you get angry. You can't control your powers, and thus, you can't control," she gestured at his blue skin. "This. You turn into a smurf with a heightened case of pink eye."

    Luka didn't know what to say. So all he managed was, "You're such a bitch." Then, he ran to the Mess Hall. Veris had been testing him. She did that, every once in a while. Veris knew that the key to his powers was his angry. His temper. So if he could control it, he could control what he did. But everytime she tested him, he wasn't ready. He was already in a foul mood. So, he turned into-well, a smurf with a heightened case of pink eye. This...appearance he gained when he was angry, well, it terrified Luka. It made him look like a monster. He couldn't stand it. And the only way to fix it, was to calm down and get warm. (Which, went against Luka's very being) Luka burst through the Mess Hall doors, and was hit immeadiatly with warmth, and the smell of hot chocolate and gingerbread. He exhaled slowly, and walked into the Hall, retrieving a small cup of a Hot Chocolate. Ugh. He hated the stuff, but if it turned him into his vampire skin-like self, Luka would do anything. He sat down at a table, and began rubbing his hands together, while closing his eyes. When he opened them, however, he caught site of someone else at the table. A camper, enjoying a sad looking cookie and a Hot Chocolate for himself. Luka felt ackward. Of course, other people would be in here. The Mess Hall wasn't reserved for meal times. Luka ran a hand through his dark hair, before his gaze flickered back to the boy. He had dark hair and grey eyes. Luka wracked his brain...what God gave grey eyes to their children? Artemis? Nah, she was a Virgin. Ares? Luka was pretty sure he only gave his horrid attitude. Luka sighed, and opened his mouth.

    "Who the hell would make unhappy gingerbread cookie?" he asked in his cool, clipped voice. "Arn't the Holidays supposed to be about happiness and joy and all that shit? Doesn't sad gingerbread cookies sort of ruin that vibe?"

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 Posted: Dec 27 2011, 02:26 PM
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