Welcome to Legends of Kateria, an open plot, original fantasy board. We're a character centric board, though we do have "plot arcs" at all times. Check out the rules, and feel free to ask any questions! We'd love to have you!

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 1. Rules
 Posted: Dec 6 2011, 06:05 PM
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  • Please register with your character's first and last name, though you may include a middle name if you like. You are also allowed to have as many characters as you want; we only ask that you please fill out a complete profile for each character before creating an account for the next. Once you finish your character's profile, please post it in the Character Application forum. A member of staff will look over it within 24 hours, and if there are any errors with it, they will let you know via PM. After acceptance, you may begin roleplay!
  • There is no word count! We simply ask that you try your best to match the word count of the person above you, though there are certain exceptions we're quite aware of. Your aim here should be to have fun!
In Character
  • This board is rated PG-13. Cursing is allowed in-character, as is violence, but please keep the gory stuff to a minimum. If you feel the need to roleplay a sex scene, fade to black and continue via PM. This rule is enforced so that we may encompass all ages of players.
  • Absolutely no godmoding or powerplaying! You only control the actions of your character, and your RP partner only controls the actions of his/her character. If, by some chance, you have already previously arranged some small "godmoding," such as someone's character following yours in order to save time and unnecessary posting, that is allowed - with the consent of the other player fully. Otherwise, it is not tolerated.
  • Also, no metagaming. Metagaming is when out-of-character information becomes in-character information.
  • In character interactions are not the same as out of character interactions. Remember this! Characters are always very different from their players.
  • Timestamps are not required, though they make for better organization in your threads, if you so wish to use them. You can find our timestamp code in the welcome portion of the sidebar, underneath quick links.
Out of Character
  • While we don't require you to participate in OOC activity, it is certainly encouraged. Again, we strive to create a tightly-knit community, which can only be done if you are willing to get to know us, as well!
  • Please, no cliques! Having a circle of friends is absolutely wonderful, as is plotting, but always remember to include any new members! We don't want to see open topics going unanswered while our active members only RP with a set of two or three people. Be considerate!
  • No out of character fighting. Disagreement is fine, but if it reaches the point of being offended, the fight will be broken up. Agree to disagree, please.
  • Maximum size 150x200 avatars, please, and make sure your signatures do not stretch the page. If this is not followed, we will set a limitation on the size, but for now, we'll trust you.
  • Nothing offensive OOC! This should be self-explanatory. No comments that could be taken derogatory by any group of people! Your graphics should reflect this as well - no nudity, gore, or otherwise any offensive pictures in avatars, signatures, etc.
  • If you have a problem, address a member of staff with it. Don't bring it to the out of character forums or cbox and start a riot, regardless of how fun that may sound. Please be respectful!
  • We have no activity checks. If your character is out of commission for more than one month, his or her profile will be moved to the archives for safekeeping, and your account will be moved to a usergroup entitled "inactive". If you'd like your character and account moved back to the appropriate place, simply PM an admin! We understand activity (or lack thereof!) and we aren't offended if you aren't able to stay around as often as you'd like. With that said - if you know you're going to leave, please post in the general discussion about it!
  • No hate comments, please. Avoid homophobic, sexist, or ageist comments in general. Any sign of such will be met with two warnings and then a ban.

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