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 6. Jcink, Sub-Accounts, and you!
 Posted: Dec 6 2011, 06:11 PM
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Since this board is stationed on Jcink, and Jcink is awesome, we have this nifty little feature available called sub-accounts! In order to fully revel in the epicness that is a sub-account, you must first make a parent account. Your parent account can be your nickname (or variations of your nickname, or you cat's name, etc) and is used only to link all of your accounts together.

You may also post a plot page with your parent account that describes all of your characters without having ten different plot pages! Awesome, right? When you make an actual character, however, we ask that you register with the character's first and last name. Your parent account should be the only account that is something short and sweet.

For example, my parent account's name is Scurrilous, and linked to it is my character Morgandy Cavistani.

Now, to link your character's accounts to your parent account, all you have to do is follow these steps:
  • 1. Go to your control panel on your parent account.
  • 2. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit Sub-accounts. This is located under Personal Profile.
  • 3. Scroll down and it will say Link an existing account. Type in your character's name and their password in the box and hit link this account.
  • 4. Repeat for all characters!
Voila! You now have a nifty, painfree way to switch between characters provided you have them linked to your parent account. Happy posting!

Also, if you ever choose to switch skins, we have another available. Simply go to your control panel on your parent account, click Skins and Languages, and select which one you like the best!

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