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 The Hunter, open!
Isira Delacroix
 Posted: Jan 2 2012, 12:17 PM
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Scholars of Kateria

Isira crouched down beside the fallen rabbit or rather her dinner that evening. In an almost gentle manner, she withdrew her bow from it's soft fur, wiping the blood on the surrounding foliage before slipping it back into her quiver.

Her aim was improving. Her last target had been a deer which had provided her with a generous supply of meat but it had been large and easy to shoot. Isa had been hesitant to try her hand at smaller targets, almost sure that she'd miss and end up searching the woods for half a day to find her arrows but she'd been lucky- her brother had trained her better than she'd initially thought.

Ah Rowan. The young geomancer's thoughts rarely drifted back to her family, somehow she'd managed to keep such things locked inside the many locked chests in her mind. Her brother- the only family she had left. They'd parted long ago, mainly for her safety. She wondered if he'd been promoted yet, he was a good soldier and had the potential of a leader- Rowan always knew how to handle people.

It was a skill that Isa had always lacked. She was never nearly as sociable or generally charming as her brother. Her tendency to speak the unabridged truth made her appear blunt at times, at worst- insensitive and she certainly did not possess an ounce of the 'delicate' touch expected of most women her age.

Then again, she had not been raised to be 'delicate', mused the mage dryly, before slinging the dead rabbit over her shoulder.

She'd have to think of a more creative way of cooking tonight. Isira was not a great fan of meat itself but recognised the need for it to maintain her strength and general health. However, unfortunately one of the consequences of being raised in a house full of men was that more-than-your-basic cooking was not one of her fort├ęs. It meant pretty much the same dinner every other day, and she was getting a little bored...

A faint, but distinct crack caught her attention. Silently placing her kill at her feet, Isira restrung her bow, arrow poised in the direction of the sound. Whisper Valley had earned it's name for a reason, there were few men (and women) who frequented the surrounding the woods and mountains. She'd been travelling the area for almost thee days now, and encountered little else except for the animals that she had hunted.

Isa's eyes narrowed, searching the thickets of the jade-coloured forest. Well apparantly she wasn't all that alone after all.

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