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 The World of Kateria, World Map
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 Posted: Dec 4 2011, 09:20 PM
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The Provinces

ARDWEN - The desert province of Kateria. It's hot, dry, and completely barren of life, save for the two lucky villages near the mountains. Even those two villages are rather barren if you take the other villages of Kateria into consideration, but they exist nonetheless. No other known villages exist further into the desert, though that is an assumption, not a fact. Who knows what lies beyond the seemingly persistent sandstorms? It is rumored that a temple lies deep within this desert.
ERYION - The forested and mountainous province of Kateria. This is a difficult province to navigate, as mountains and thick trees make it incredibly easy to get lost. Rarely do humans trek into these coniferous forests, though many Fae call this place their home. There are a few temples dispersed throughout the land, though their locations have mostly been forgotten by this point.
ARDRIAN - The farming and plains province of Kateria. This peaceful stretch of land is mainly occupied by humans. There are farms spaced out on the western side of the river, and to the east you'll find a few more farms as well as ruins of ancient cities and civilizations. There's a rocky and hilly portion towards the southern region of Ardrian, and further to the east you'll find another barren area, though far easier to traverse than the district of Ardwen. Overall, Ardrian is a quiet place, as it doesn't offer much other than farming life. Tolerance is promoted here, and usually races cooperate and live in peace.
LYRAH - The Lyrah province is heavily populated by all races of Kateria, though that doesn't mean they always get along. It's considered the "mainland" in comparison to everything else, housing the most people and boasting the most villages of any other province. You'll find almost anything you're looking for in Lyrah, though be careful when traveling north-- dangerous Fae lurk the woods just past the mountains. Otherwise, it's a fairly busy province, though not the friendliest, by any means. It's also under the heavy fist of the royalty.
RORRYM - The Rorrym province is the peninsula portion of Kateria. At the very tip of the peninsula, you'll find the largest castle in all of Kateria, which houses the royalty. Mostly only those who can afford it live in Rorrym, as it seems to be a province of paradise. It boasts beaches, waterfalls, beautiful mountains, and more trade items flood into this province than any other. Mostly Katerians reside within this area.

Villages and Landmarks

1) Suyana Village (Ardwen) - This village is easily the most secluded in all of Kateria. Not only do the people who live here live out of the jurisdiction of the Royalty, but they seem to have their own government in place. Be careful as a stranger, though, as they don't seem to welcome everyone with open arms. Their resources are limited, so they don't trust too easily.
2) Kyaati Village (Ardwen) - This village is less secluded than Suyana, half populated by the more traditional types of beings as seen in Suyana and half by travelers and government officials. Kyaati is governed by the Royalty, though they usually seem to turn a blind eye to it when dispersing resources. As such, life isn't too easy in Kyaati, though luckily the Nayitu Pass is just a little further away.
3) Nayitu Pass (Ardwen) - A rare few actually make it through the towering, snowy mountains and thick forests of Eryion to the other side. This pass makes the journey a little easier, though not by much. There's an occasional inn along the way, as well. This leads from Kyaati, through the mountains, and to Coda Village.
4) Annan Lake (Eryion) - Annan Lake is easily the biggest lake in all of Kateria. Two rivers meet up at the lake and eventually pour out to the sea just to the southeast. This is actually a very beautiful, clear spot in Eryion, and is rather peaceful. A few small villages and residences cover the banks, and fishing is popular here.
5) Fort Lina (Eryion) - What began as a small fort grew into one of the biggest trading hubs and towns within all of Kateria. Its convenient location had resources coming in and out almost constantly, what with its place beside the river, the ocean, and just east of the Eryion mountains. Not only that, but ships out of Lina frequent the islands to the southeast, so very rare trade items come in from that location. It also serves as a "checkpoint" of sorts for the military, as they are trained and come out of that area as well. Some of the royalty take up residence in this area, though the King and Queen still live within the castle in Rorrym. The headquarters of the Katerian Legion lie here, as well as the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Sword. The only way to pass through the road leading into Lyrah is to go through the town itself, so avoiding Fort Lina is nearly impossible-- unless you choose to ford a river and trek through a mountain range, of course. The government keeps a very keen eye on travelers, too, and it's not uncommon to see people plucked right off the streets. One must be careful traveling through, especially if they're a wanted person, as the military and bounty hunters serve as a double whammy.
6) Whisper Valley (Eryion) - While still a technical village, this place is so small that people rarely travel to it. For one, the road leading to it is rocky and even disappears into the trees in some places, so it's not easy to get to. It is the most easily accessible village in the Eryion mountains and forest, however, and is a good place to stop before traversing any further. Many therianthropes call this place home, as its convenient location by the wilds allows for free transformation.
7) Elise (Eryion) - Elise is rather peaceful in comparison to its nearby counterparts. Sure, it's governed by the heavy fist of the government, but what place in Kateria isn't? It doesn't have nearly as much crime as nearby Fort Lina, nor does it shelter undesirables like Whisper Valley. In fact, many Katerians are proud to call this place home. However, these particular Katerians are also very sheltered in their worldviews; they don't take too kindly to any other race. As such, therianthropes must keep their other forms secret, as well as any elves or fae. Otherwise, you might be easily shipped north to Fort Lina…
8) Shadelight Lake (Eryion) - The entire Shadelight area of the Eryion Forest isn't exactly the best place to be. To the north end of the lake lies Crystalla Haven, the village housing the most Fae in all of Kateria. To the south lies the forest home of the wood elves, Eldin Grove. Both of these places are rather unwelcoming to any other races but their own, and even spat with each other every now and then. Many choose to ford Shadelight Lake itself to pass through as quietly as possible, but Kappa lurk the depths of it for that very reason. As such, passing through Shadelight is likely a death sentence for any who pass through it. The lake itself is dark and mysterious, and you can almost never see the bottom. Those rare moments when the sun passes through the trees and shines upon the lake, however, can make it one of the most beautiful spots in all of Kateria. The fae and wood elves stay here for that very reason.
9) Crystalla Haven (Eryion) - This place is the home of most of the Fae. It's a beautiful place with houses in the trees and a general peaceful feel. Peaceful to the residents, of course-- any visitors are met with hostility, and occasionally death, if they push the right buttons. It isn't exactly the friendliest place to be if you aren't one of the Fae or the neighboring wood elves, but it's still rather beautiful. It is rumored that a cave behind this Haven contains treasures unimaginable-- just what that treasure is hasn't been identified yet. No one has lived through that journey to tell the tale.
10) Eldin Grove (Eryion) - This village is much larger than the other across the lake, and somewhat friendlier. However, wood elves still don't take too kindly to strangers, so it isn't exactly the prettiest of outcomes when traveling through. In fact, you should probably stay low… Either way, this is a much more wooded place, and the wood elves actually seem to live in the trunks of the trees. A few Sprites live among them as well, as opposed to the more Fae oriented Crystalla Haven.
11) Nascent Reef (Ardrian) - Nascent is a place that has mostly been left alone by the rest of Ardrian, much less the country of Kateria. What exactly takes place there is a mystery known only to the Returners, as it is their secret meeting place. Not even the Katerian Legion or Brotherhood of the Sword know of the meeting grounds. It's mostly barren, save for the small camp to the east where the Returners stay every now and then.
12) Island of Exile (Ardrian) - This is another island shrouded in mystery. Years and years ago, criminals from Kateria were exiled here, though that practice stopped long ago. It is likely that these criminals started their own society-- and that another race entirely exists within the confines of this strange island. However, none of this is confirmed, as most don't have the guts to travel all the way out there.
13) Rusue (Ardrian) - Rusue is what is considered the headquarters of the Returners by the rest of Kateria's knowledge. It's a quaint village near the ocean, boasting mostly pristine oceans and a peaceful feel. However, the legion keeps a close eye on Rusue, oftentimes arresting innocent citizens for potential affiliation with the Returners. Regardless, the Returners feel Rusue as their home, so they go out of their way to make sure it's taken care of.
14) Yaschas Ruins (Ardrian) - These ruins are shrouded in mystery. An ancient civilization once thrived among these hills and rocks, but no one knows what happened to them. Their writings are nearly impossible to decipher, though no clues remain even in their writings. It is as if they disappeared one day, never to be seen again. Their homes, paved out of clay and rock, are left to ruin in the sun. Artifacts can be found throughout the area.
15) Carpathia (Ardrian) - Carpathia is the biggest town in Ardrian, though it certainly isn't the the most livable. The area surrounding Carpathia is barren, though not quite as badly as Ardrwen; it isn't hot, so much as it's just windy and tiring to travel. This town is considered the last "civilized" landmark in Kateria, as Rusue is hardly counted. There's also a weekly sea voyage leading from here to Dissona and back, cutting the distances between districts greatly.
16) Rutela (Lyrah) - Rutela is quite an interesting town, lying on the island of Sancta. As a matter of fact, it serves its main purpose as the Mage's school quite well, housing the Scholars of Kateria in a safe, closed environment. The forests and mountains nearby provide excellent places for practice, and for the most part people cannot see what takes place here. Any mages are required to attend this school.
17) Reverie (Lyrah) - Reverie is the only other town on the island of Sancta. However, it houses more mages than anything else; most mages enjoy the island so much that they choose not to leave. It was for this reason that Reverie was born in the first place. The citizens of Reverie are lucky to be mostly free of government clutches, and as such it's incredibly peaceful. Rarely do they worry over the rest of Kateria, as everything is pretty much made for them there. However, the nearby Kalle Isles cause them a bit of grief every now and then… in fact, the citizens of Reverie hardly realize that sometimes their population consists of many, many merfolk.
18) Kalle Isles (Lyrah) - These isles hardly ever see human life. Sure, there are some navigable parts to these isles, perhaps even enough to settle on if you can deal with the towering rocks, but most people find them too eerie. Likely that has a lot to do with the menfolk who live on and around these rocks; most people don't take too kindly to faces popping out of the ocean every now and then. Regardless, the merfolk call this island and the sea surrounding it their home. Be careful navigating through them, however, as many merfolk don't like the presence of strangers...
19) Whitewood (Lyrah) - Whitewood is a rather peaceful place in Lyrah, if only because it's covered almost completely in snow. Its convenient location near the Northern Mountains makes it unreasonably cold in the winter, though nice and cool in the summer, and it's actually a rather beautiful place to visit in spite of the cold. It's likely for this very reason that the Concerto College lies with its back to the mountains, housing all bard students in all of Kateria.
20) Castor (Lyrah) - Castor is a rather small, simple town. It mostly serves as a pit-stop for anyone on their way to Eryion or Rorrym, though recently traffic has slowed thanks to the direct sea passage from Carpathia to Dissona. There are still quite a few farms nearby, though, and it's right next to the Greer River.
21) Michau (Rorrym) - Michau is a tiny little place in Rorrym, next to the road leading down to Dissona. In fact, it's so tiny that most people pass it without a glance, as it's hardly more than a warm inn and stable. However, fishing is very popular in Michau, and most fisherman call it home.
22) Shima (Rorrym) - Shima is the largest town in Rorrym other than Dissona. Any relatives to the royal family are likely to be found here. Generally the richest of the rich are located here, and as such the place is absolutely gorgeous. Gardens are well kept and it's not uncommon to see slaves among the streets. It's hardly a town, too, so much as it's a series of mansions next to the ocean.
23) Raka (Rorrym) - Raka is the final stop before Dissona. Many refugees from Dissona frequent this place, though they hardly stay very long. Peasants who manage to gather enough money to leave Dissona ever get this far, so it seems to be a village of little hope. Most everyone among these streets is disheartened somehow.
24) Dissona (Rorrym) - While Dissona is not the biggest town in all of Kateria (Fort Lina boasts that claim), it is easily the most organized, desirable place in the entire country. For one, it's where the royalty lives, and a large castle towers far above the town, visible from miles around. Sure, the poor people have it tough on the streets, but that doesn't mean it's not well kept; the royal family have standards, after all. The military is everywhere here-- you can't get away with anything. It seems like a utopia of sorts, though don't be fooled...
25) Coda (Eryion) - A tiny village mostly covered in snow that serves as a pit-stop for any travelers through Eryion. Traversing further south or west at this point will likely get you lost, but there's an Inn within the village that is cheap and warm and accommodating. Keep an eye out for any shady behavior, though, as you can never tell who these other travelers may be. The Nayitu Pass begins at here.
26) Parada Plains (Ardrian) - While no major towns are located here, there are plenty of farming villages dispersed through the land. It's a peaceful location, boasting friendly people and arid soil. However, the military is often present in the areas, if only to take their own crops away from them for consumption for the "rest of the population." Too bad they don't get much in return for their hard work.
27) Skull Marshes (Eryion) - This place is considered a no-mans-land. It's tough to traverse over the mountains and to this area, for one, and for two it's where Kappas tend to take residency. Humans, Fae, or otherwise that stumble across this area usually fall prey to them, and as such it's usually avoided-- that is, unless you're lost in the first place.
28) Greer Lake (Lyrah) - Greer Lake is likely the best known of all of the lakes in Kateria. For one, it's right on the pathway leading to Eryion and Rorrym, and it's right next to Castor and Whitewood, as well. The waters are seemingly clean and inviting, but Kappas lurk the depths. Unsuspecting swimmers disappear into these depths fairly often, too.
29) Helmaroc Mountains (Lyrah) - These mountains are extremely dangerous for many, many reasons. For one, they're difficult to scale, and the forests surrounding them are so thick that it's hard to accomplish much. And for two? Well, Helmaroc is a place the Gigas call home. Gigas don't really appreciate trespassers, either, so it's likely one might be smashed into a pancake. Either way, it's rumored that a temple lies within the forest to the north...
30) Noctis Delta (Ardrian) - Here is where the Noctis River flows out into the ocean. The Returners often take ships down through a branch of the river and eventually through it and into the ocean on the way to Nascent. They feel as though it's more secretive, and they're right; no one really knows of their use of the delta. Otherwise, it's a nice place for fisherman and the farmers on the western side of the river.
31) Sundire Temple (Rorrym) - This is the only temple that has a widely known location. As such, many Katerians and others make it out here for religious pilgrimages, and it's almost always bustling with people passing through. There are a few shops nearby, sure, but the refined temple is where everyone usually collects. However, there seems to be a real lack of worship at these temples, so much as an obligation to fulfill duties.
32) Fort Claymoor (Eryion) - This fort was abandoned years ago for many reasons. One, of course, was that there didn't seem to be a need to watch Ardwen anymore. If that wasn't enough reason, then the Witches of the Flame certainly provided the rest. They took this fort over many, many years ago, and they consider it their only real place to call their own. Most of the time they travel about Kateria, but their only "true" home is here, and it's not much to speak of. They live in abandoned towers with little to eat, and the scenery is a desert just across the river. Not much to see.
33) Rock Spire Isle (Lyrah) - This island is mostly untraversed by anyone but the Scholars of Kateria. Even then, though, a rare few actually step foot on it, as there's really no reason to. This isle is said to be the location of one of the underground temples of Kateria, but no one seems to be able to find where it is. Either way, the island is covered in towering, sharp rocks, though a ruined town lies nearby. Like the Yaschas Ruins, nobody knows what happened here.
34) Ka'Zar Falls (Eryion) - Ka'Zar Falls is the location in which therianthropes take their missions. It's here that these beings either pass or fail their tests, and as such the trees are stalked by therianthropes in their animal forms. Whether or not they're friendly depends on what race the trespasser is. Even then, though, many failed therianthropes have lost sight of their humanity, so be careful.
35) Sulyya Springs (Ardrian) - Sulyya Springs is the place Dark Elves call home. It's a simple cave cut into the side of the mountains with beautiful springs inside the cavern. Eventually these springs flow into a branch of the Noctis River in a great waterfall. The Dark Elves live deep into the caves, however, and are not welcoming of trespassers. It is rumored that a temple lies somewhere in these mountainsides...
36) Fanayra Cave (Rorrym) - This cave is mostly abandoned. At least, to the public eye it is-- it's actually the meeting place of the Shadow Council. It isn't anything to speak of, though; inside the caves are a few tables, candles, and some cots, so it's hardly worth venturing through.
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