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 A Missing Child
fraidy cat
 Posted: Dec 16 2011, 11:34 PM
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A lady in Elise has been crying for days; apparently her little daughter has gone missing. She suspects that the little girl might have run off to Eryion Forest, though all searches within that area turn up short. Skull Marshes is quite close by as well, and can be quite tricky for a child-- it's likely that a Kappa has lured her through the forest. Perhaps that’s where little Annie is after all... too bad you'll have to get through the Kappas to get to her.

Recommended Inventory: A weapon in your arsenal, (Optional: a companion)

Reward: 1000 gold for the safe return of her daughter. 500 gold for the return of her dead body.

  • Talk with the mother in Elise.
  • Search within Eryion Forest for the little girl.
  • You'll find a Kappa in the forest talking about a little girl-- investigate either by listening quietly or taking the Kappa hostage and torturing information out of it.
  • Try to catch up with the little girl and her captor before they reach the Skull Marshes. They've taken a pit stop near Shadelight Lake.
  • Fight off three rounds of Kappas to find her either alive or drowned.
  • Fight off three rounds of wolves on the way back to Elise.
  • Either deliver her alive or dead back to her mother.
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